8-16 present

Software Engineer, Washos, Los Angeles, California, USA

Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Vue.js, REST APIs, Heroku

  • Develop the platform's stats application
  • Bridge the company user base with Zendesk to improve customer support
  • Enhance the operations dashboard to ease operations
  • Provide multiple tools to automate some tasks of the operations
  • Improve the vendor-facing web application
  • Maintain and improve the company's back-office web application
  • Re-architecture the staging environement revolving around Heroku App Reviews
  • Provide an interactive and reactive tool to easily modify vendors' working areas
  • Develop the B2B technical workflow into the platform
  • Security audit of the platform and patch the vulnerability bugs

10-13 7-16

Software Engineer, Dalenys, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Python, C, MySQL, MongoDB, REST APIs, Docker, Django, Flask, Git, Debian

  • Develop and maintain premium-rate phone billing platform, processing 20 million calls monthly
  • Produce monthly inter-operator billing, including updates to billing terms
  • Update Quality Assurance and Continuous Integration of various projects
  • Produce and manage inter-operator number portability system
  • Assist the operation team with its own deployment solution

10-12 10-13

Software Engineer, Outscale, Saint-Cloud, France

Python, AWS, OpenStack, PostgreSQL
  • Enhanced and maintained the company-made IaaS platform
  • Implemented the Amazon Web Services IAM API
  • Bootstrappped the Continuous Integration platform
  • Designed and implemented a multi back-end monitoring automation tool
07-11 09-11

Intern Software Developer, NYSE-Euronext, Paris, France

C++, Perl
  • Upgrade works on the trading platform
  • Trained in financial exchange protocols
  • Benchmarked network performances
03-10 12-14

Teaching Assistant, Epitech, Paris, France

C, C++, Python, Security, Unix/Linux/BSDs, x86/amd64 assembly
  • Lectured class of 70 students in C, C++, POSIX C API and x86 assembly
  • Graded students projects (C/C++, x86 assembly, binary flow security)
  • Organized and monitored labs
  • Wrote 4 subjects
07-09 12-09

Intern Software Developer, Netbooster, Paris, France

J2EE, PostgreSQL

  • Maintained and upgraded a multichannel web-tracking application in a Java EE architecture
  • Improved daily batches


09-08 03-13

Epitech, Paris, European Institute of IT

  • Master of Science in Information Technology

01-12 06-12

California State University, Long Beach

  • Compiler Construction
  • Operating System
  • Computer Security
  • Theory of computation

07-12 08-12

University of California, Berkeley

  • Web Architecture
  • International Business



C, C++, Python, POSIX C API, Linux (Debian/Ubuntu, Archlinux), GNU Emacs, Object Oriented Programming


POSIX Shell, Go, MySQL, MongoDB, Postgresql, Django, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, Nginx, Git, Vim, Concurrency, Scalability, Distributed Systems, Docker, Ruby on Rails, Heroku


D, Rust, Site, Reliability Engineering, Low Level Programming (x86/amd64 architectures), Kernel Architectures

french French: Native language

english English: Fluent (TOEIC: 895)

Honors, Awards and Activities

-----------------------------BEGIN GEEK CODE BLOCK----------------------------- GCS/IT d-@ s+: a- C++++ UBL+++$ P+ L++$ E W+++ N+ o? K+ w O- M+ V? PS+ PE- Y? PGP+ t+ 5 X+ R tv- b++ DI? D+ G++ e+++ h-- r++ y++ ------------------------------END GEEK CODE BLOCK------------------------------
  • Epitech Inovative Project winner with tNETacle (decentralized VPN)
  • Vice Champion of France, American Football, junior section (2004)
  • Member of the Hollywood Curling Club